Yemen’s forgotten war (PART ONE) – BBC Newsnight

Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse has had rare access inside Yemen, to what some are calling the “forgotten war”. In the first of two reports, he looks at the scale of the humanitarian crisis – and whether the UK is complicit in this disaster. This report contains some disturbing images. The Foreign Office provided this statement: “The UK is supportive of Saudi-led Coalition military intervention, which came at the request of President Hadi… As part of that support, the UK operates one of the most rigorous and transparent export control regimes in the world and assesses all applications to export controlled goods on a case by case basis against the Consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria. The UK Government has always been clear that any action, including military, must be in accordance with International Humanitarian Law (IHL).” Newsnight did ask the Foreign Office to provide a minister to discuss Gabriel Gatehouses’ report, but they said that none were available.